Family-Owned Greenlock Self Storage Facility Opens Near Newmarket (England)

GreenLock Self Storage - YouTube
A new self-storage company has opened a secure compound near Newmarket.

Greenlock Self Storage is a family-owned business off the A11 between Six Mile Bottom and the Fourwentways junction, making it accessible from Newmarket, Haverhill, Cambridge and surrounding villages.

It is a first business venture for 35-year-old Jamie Hamilton, who lives in Ashley with his wife and two-year-old son and previously worked on studs in Australia and Newmarket.

The units will serve households and small businesses, providing convenient access to large storage containers in a safe and secure environment.

It could be a solution for people moving home or for householders wanting to declutter, while tradesmen could keep tools safely overnight rather than leaving them in a van. Meanwhile, businesses could use the facility to store excess stock or even vehicles.

Greenlock prides itself on being green by nature as well as by name. Having overcome numerous planning challenges over the last two years, the company has created a site with a low environmental footprint on a brownfield site

Biodiversity has been enhanced with hedge planting, while an LED lighting system has been designed to minimise energy usage, external light emissions and disturbance to wildlife.

Fencing and containers are all green to blend in with the countryside and plans are under way for solar panels, with the aim of self sufficiency in energy and the provision of an EV charging point for customers.

The facility is floodlit and has a sophisticated CCTV system, with vehicle number recognition in place for additional security.

The new containers, which have wooden floors and multiple vents to prevent condensation, offer 160 Sq Ft of space, enough for a three-bedroomed house or flat, at a monthly cost of £120 plus VAT with a 20 per cent discount on the first month.

Call 01638 336209 or email for more information.


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