Revised Bid To Demolish Former Office Outlet Chester Store For New Self-Storage Business Submitted

Revised plans have been submitted to demolish the former Office Outlet store on Sealand Road, Chester and replace it with a self-storage facility.

Applicants Lok’n’Store, which have been in the self-storage business for 25 years, originally submitted plans for the site, at the junction of Stadium Way, in May 2020. But, following objections and concerns raised from highways and the Environment Agency, planners went back to the drawing board and have since submitted further information along with revised proposals.

Lok’n’Store has submitted plans for a self-storage business at the former Office Outlet store on Sealand Road. Should permission be granted for the new household and business self-storage facility, Lok’n’Store plans to open the Chester site next year.

Chartered town planners Bell Cornwell, acting on behalf of Lok’n’Store, said in a planning statement that the existing, vacant Office Outlet unit (formerly Staples) will be demolished, to be replaced by the new business. The new building would be contemporary with a “crisp, modern appearance” in a colour scheme reflecting Lok’n’Store’s brand of white, tangerine and silver.

Lok’n’Store has submitted plans for a self-storage business at the former Office Outlet store on Sealand Road. Locker units available to customers would range from 12ft squared to 200ft squared, with larger walk-in units also available, provided on a short-term, flexible basis. Planners add that nearly two-thirds of Lok’n’Store customers are based within a three-mile radius of the store.

The proposed opening hours would be 8.30am-6pm Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm on Saturdays and 10am-2pm on Sundays for customers to access storage space and units, in keeping with other existing Lok’n’Store sites. Planners add that “from time to time”, larger HGVs such as 10-metre rigid vehicles and articulated vehicles would visit the site, but such visits would be “highly infrequent” and managed accordingly by staff on site.

Following concerns raised by highways on the original site plan, the revised plan would mean vehicles can only access the new business from Sealand Road via Arthur Street. The existing Stadium Way access road would be removed. Parking spaces would include disables parking spots, internal cycle storage and electric vehicle charging points.

After the Environment Agency originally objected to the lack of an acceptable Flood Risk Assessment in the planning bundle, the applicants have since provided the required information and the Environment Agency formally withdrew its objection. Welsh Water has advised the applicants that if the existing building is demolished as part of the proposals, the right for discharge of surface water to the public sewer is lost, and evidence of sustainable drainage systems would be required.


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