How Safe Are Your Access Control Solutions? Part One

Safety and security are hallmarks of today’s self storage industry. In competitive markets, solutions that protect tenants’ physical safety and the security of their possessions are differentiating factors — they separate market leaders from the rest of the pack.

Increasingly, the quality of your operation’s safety and security solutions directly impacts tenant acquisition and retention. Yet it may be tempting for owners and operators to inadequately evaluate their choice in security solutions — a mistake that can have serious consequences for the bottom line of your business. If a single solution fails to make the grade, it can lead to an incident that cripples operational activities and the site’s reputation with prospects and existing tenants. Consequently, knowing the safety standards of your security solutions is a business imperative.

For example, are your security solutions UL certified? Does your access control system have the ability to proactively alert you in the event of a break-in or does it rely on constant monitoring? Can you pull a record of which tenants are on-site in real-time? Asking these kinds of questions is essential, as it demonstrates your access control security provider’s commitment to the quality of its solutions. By implementing quality security technology that exceeds minimum thresholds, you can rest assured that your customers and their belongings are always safe.

Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter for Part Two where we will review a few best practices for evaluating and selecting self storage safety and security solutions.

Article submitted by PTI Security Systems

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