The Advantages of a Working with a Security Integrator

Modern self storage security encompasses an increasingly complex range of technology that deter crime while improving operators’ ability to monitor and respond to threats. As the demand for more comprehensive and complex systems grows, so does the importance of proper installation.

While most have a low-voltage electrician they can call on, the operational advantages of establishing an ongoing relationship with a certified security integrator that specializes in self storage, is often overlooked. With the ability to coordinate, install and connect solutions, integrators play a crucial role in helping owners and operators manage and optimize all aspects of their security.

There are several ways a qualified security integrator adds value to your operation:

  • Selection, installation and integration: Security integrators specialize in identifying the right security components for your operation. They also provide installation assistance and make sure hardware and software elements from different vendors work together seamlessly.
  • Strategy and planning: Self storage operations often perform staged security upgrades. A security integrator can develop an informed, multi-stage strategy that prioritizes investments and ensures the security elements you implement today will integrate with the security elements you integrate in the future.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting: Like any other system, security systems require ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. Security integrators provide valuable third-party support by quickly resolving problems and maximizing system uptime by preventing system malfunction.
  • Training and support: Don’t forget the human element in your security system — your team will need training and support to function effectively. Security integrators offer training for a variety of technologies and can provide responsive support for your team.

When it comes to your security system, the absence of an experienced integrator exposes your business to operational disruptions, a lack of support and training and serious security risks. Ultimately, the decision to partner with a security integrator is an investment — in your operation and your peace of mind.

Thomas Brooks
PTI Security Systems

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